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wife. you might have googled her, aamanda markham enfield is a former model who appeared in "maxim" and "vogue." they met while carpooling to a basketball tournament in 2003. >> how did he woo her? >> i wanted to take her to a nice dinner, but the only thing open was taco bell. >> he bought her a burrito. now they have three kids. must have been some burrito. just the type of magic that seems to be fueling the florida gulf coast run. so sales at the campus bookstore shot up 1,000% this weekend, visits to the web site for prospective students shot up 400% this weekend. times are pretty good for florida gulf coast university. they head to friday night's game when they play the number 3 seed florida. jake, i'm sure you have florida gulf coast in your brackets. >> i had them losing in the first round, but let's just discuss how badly i'm beating you in the cnn bracket challenge. i am ranked fifth. you're ranked 15th. that's 5 and 15. john, first of all, i assume you did not pick your alma mater harvard to win in the first rund, did you? >> no. that would have been a wise choice, and i
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1